MHM offers end to end maintenance solutions for surface and underground machinery.

Specializing in the maintenance of drills and excavators, we have set ourselves apart from our competition with the ability to offer specialist tooling along with OEM trained tradespeople and fully equipped vehicles.

Our customer-focused team is available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

We pride ourselves on open communication with our team and customers.




Onsite Labour

MHM’s team of tradespeople are available for short or long term on site support

Tooling Hire

MHM can offer our customers specialist tooling without having to go to the OEM

Shut Down Support

All minor and major shut downs, component change outs and machine rebuilds

Breakdown Response

Rapid response to all machine breakdowns across WA

Planning & Coordination / Prevention

MHM specialises in Digger relocations and can offer end to end support to ensure your machines are out of production for the minimal time

Technical Support

Offsite remote technical support – available 24/7