Health and Safety


MHM works with our customers to approach all tasks with safety as the number one priority.

MHM is proud to remain injury-free on all hours worked to date – 135,000 man-hours and counting!

We are committed to protecting employees from exposure to workplace hazards and the risk of injury through the creation and promotion of a safe and healthy work environment.

Aims & Objectives

– Comply with the Work, Health and Safety legislation and other applicable regulations relevant to the activities and services of MHM Contracting, and periodically evaluate their compliance.
– Prevent injuries, accidents and diseases by implementing Occupational Health and Safety activities, and providing any job-specific protective equipment and or tooling as outlined by Client & OEM requirements.
– Ensure the identification, evaluation and control of hazards and risks, and take preventive and corrective actions to reduce or eliminate their recurrence.
– Provide the necessary resources for the operation and continuous improvement of the management system.
– Ensure that all MHM Contracting employees and management adhere to and comply with the health and safety policies and procedures outlined by MHM, Clients, OEM’s & Customers.